Dear Pregnant Men…

“….a woman can’t have as much rights as a man
cause Christ wasn’t a woman….
Where did your Christ come from?
From God and a woman!
Man had nothing to do with him!

-Sojourner Truth : Women’s Convention 1852

Did you see that? Did you miss it girlfriend? The Biblical Truth that affirms why a mans’ opinion of what a woman should do with her uterus is betwixt her and the Lord?

The Lord Christ Jesus was conceived by way of God almighty and a natural, earthly woman! Man wasn’t needed for that! God never asked Joseph what he THOUGHT about what HE had placed in Mary! Therefore no man (unless he is a medical doctor) can tell me anything about what is in my womb.

Back in the day men were not even allowed into the labor and delivery room. The birth of a child was facilitated by women, nurses, and midwives. Likewise, when a medically necessary abortion took place to save the mother or the child (you know…murder)…men were not allowed to have a say so. Correct me if I am wrong, but as of today when a woman goes into labor at the hospital doctors nor the mother still don’t stop and ask the father if he is okay that they proceed with what is it taking place in her womb at that moment.

Now I am the first to tell anyone that I think that the Women’s liberation act of the 1960’s-1970’s was one of the worst things that happened in our society in terms of men and women relationally. Why? Because it created division (satan) amongst the sexes and taught men and women to compete with each other. And as with any movement, extremist got involved and fraternal twins Miss Independent and G.I. Jane were born.

Well for an old fashion southern girl like me, this creates a bit of a dichotomy. I don’t want to fight in any war but I do know how to fight. I am not built for battle but I know how to put on the full Armor of God. Please keep me in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant because that’s where this independent woman prefers to be.

However, there are some women who don’t want any children or have a desire to be married. They enjoy singlehood and though they are alone they are not longing for anyone. Then there is that OTHER sister…who loves climbing trees, knows how to change a carburetor, and hell bent on joining the war…LET HER FIGHT!

Yet, upon a womans’ CHOICE to work, stay home, or join the military she should be given equal rights to vote, equal benefits, equal pay, etc all the days of her LIFE. Despite the cons the most brilliant pro is that the women’s liberation was one of the few times in history that both left and right wing parties got together without a lot of division. You see girl power is nothing new and we have always been stronger together. Not to mention that it was the womens’ movement that integrated men into the delivery rooms to witness the birth of their children (You’re welcome fellas).

So now let’s get to you other human beings….men. Let’s talk about YOUR reproductive organs. Which for some reason I have never understood why we don’t EQUALLY talk about that. It amazes me how folk get so focused on a woman being pregnant and her sin (if she is not married), her choice as pro-life or pro-choice, etc. but we never talk about the male reproductive system inside of his body. Unless you are GOD and gave Christ to Mary…pregnancy involves a man. To leave male reproductive organs out of conversation is biased RIGHT? Any man that has a modicum of intelligence should equally respect a womans’ CHOICE as it pertains to her LIFE.

If someone breaks in your house and you shoot and kill them you have committed MURDER. Don’t justify to me via U.S Constitution or your legal rights about anything. According to the Bible you took someone’s life. Your a murderer righteous one! You don’t see it that way huh? Guess what? You do not have a legal right to KILL! You have a legal right to defend yourself according to the law of the land not the law of God. Yet, God still loves you regardless.

Therefore, if a woman choses to terminate a pregnancy…the same God still loves her! And guess what? Likewise, Mary DID NOT have a choice. God can over ride an abortion too! Judah in the 38th chapter of Genesis committed fornication, incest (not blood but by affinity) with his daughter in law Tamar, got her pregnant and wanted her dead and the baby aborted. This MAN, Judah son of Jacob wanted to abort his child in her womb. Read for yourself to see how that plays out in the scriptures and take note of the fact that Judah called HER righteous!

So let’s be clear, the pull out method, condoms, birth control pills, hysterectomies, and vasectomies, the tying of tubes are all forms of preventive measures directly AGAINST LIFE and BIRTH of an un-born child. You have PREVENTED it into manifesting into life. How then is that different from the termination of a pregnancy? One person is preventing it ALL together PROACTIVELY (condoms, birth control pills, hysterectomies (partial or full), and men who have vasectomies) and one person does it after REACTIVELY!

If you are not wise enough to understand YOUR own political views from Biblical truth your a hypocrite!

Likewise, there are virgins that take birth control pills. Not because they are thinking about sex but because it regulates their cycles and lightens the pain of cramps, there are women who have had to have an abortion for medical reason, there are women who have severe issues just like the woman with an issue of blood (Luke) with their reproductive organs, etc. Think of it this way dear saint, if you have ever used any of those measures you have PREVENTED LIFE based a CHOICE and that’s not God’s plan for reproduction.

If you use any of these do not be a hypocrite and yet say that you are PRO-LIFE when you behind closed doors BETWEEN you and the Lord, secretly made a PRO-CHOICE! As a matter of fact, according to the word, Onan did the “pull out” method (a MAN in the Bible made a pro-choice) and in the Lord’s sight that was wicked and he was put to death because of it (Genesis 38:9). It’s safe to say that the beauty of ejaculation was intentional.

So let me be great and remind you Americans again, that if God wants birth to take place He does not need permission from an earthly man or woman, hence the immaculate conception Savior Jesus Christ.

Likewise, God…. not PLANNED PARENTHOOD can override the choice of a woman to abort a baby if HE chooses. Research the birth of gospel artist Fred Hammond. His mother not only went in and HAD the abortion procedure done once but they made an attempt a second time and guess what? That didn’t work either and hence we have a man of God that has spent his whole life sharing the message his Glory to Glory!

An abortion is no greater than any other sin. God does what He wants, when he wants to WHOM He wants to. No one has the right to force their Pro-Life nor Pro-Choice politics on anyone because that has nothing to do with God!

In the event that you directly or inadvertently get in a pulpit and mix your PERSONAL BIASED POLITICS with God’s words it shows a lack of class and intelligence. I don’t care how much money is in your bank account are how many degrees you have (or lack there of). The Word of God says obey the laws of the land (Romans 13). Those who refuse to obey the laws, refuse God.

What does the LAW say about Politics and Pulpits out of curiosity? I know what it says. Do you? If God’s law is the ultimate trump-card for you then your political views are pointless when YOU KNOW what His law is. Yet, I think it’s of bad taste to take advantage of people who may not have the intellectual capacity or education to understand the difference.

Not to mention those who are simply lazy or to trusting and don’t make an attempt to find information on their own. So they put their faith in people they trust. People who have influential powers KNOW this. Some use their powers for good, some use them for evil. Yet, we have all fallen short and there is no judgment to one who believes in Him.

It is God’s CHOICE to give or take away LIFE and He doesn’t need our permission or political thoughts, to have His will be done.

Oh and in case your wondering, my celibacy is intentional despite temptations and cold showers. I am not a fornicator (tempting), I am no longer married, and I DO NOT take birth control or any other measures to prevent pregnancy at all. There is no need. And lastly, my reproductive organs are still intact and I can still have children.

So according to your calculations I have a glorified righteous Republican womb. Meaning, a woman that DOES not have a fully functional uterus by way of a hysterectomy has a an evil Democratic womb? Well I hope she votes “accordingly”. Looks like one of the wombs are cursed according to the scriptures and will never bring forth life. One of these wombs will never pass down the evil from the next generation?

In the eyes of God a woman should never be damned to hell if the CHOICES in her LIFE circumstances, health, etc forced her to make un easy or hard decision because her reproductive organs are not “RIGHT” compared to mine.

God loves triumphs it all, not Trumps’ it all regardless of what YOU think is the better deal.

Think for yourself.
….after all…Jesus called the disciples to a higher level of thinking. RIGHT?

#she thinks out loud