Calling all single moms, married moms, moms of situation-ships, and even SINGLE FATHERS (SINGLE CUSTODIAL FATHERS that is…not un-married men who see their children quarterly ..we are prejudice)! The 1st Single Mom’s Club of Arlington is just not for single moms but for single dads as well as defined by my above clarification.

It matters not what your relationship status or gender is, parents have never needed so much support as they have during this pandemic. All parents need a community of support. I personally didn’t have one so I decided to create what I needed. Where else was that going to come from I thought? I have grown to realize that creating what I need prevents me from focusing on what I don’t. I go into more detail about this in my book The Single Mom’s Guide To Not Fully Ignoring Your Kids In A Pandemic (available via Amazon soon..very soon, hopefully by the weekend).

Not to mention I needed to provide my downstairs neighbor some reprieve from my very active kiddos. Thankfully I have some good neighbors. You know what let me just pause right here because right now your thinking about State Farm aren’t you? Be honest. Okay maybe it was just me since I wrote that in.

Nonetheless, I realized that I could get way more bang for my buck if I could exclusively get an hour to myself without having to make sure my kids weren’t taking candy from strangers. So then I came up with the 1st Single Mom’s Club of Arlington which is a walking club via Meet Ups. Mom’s could then take turns watching each others kids while an exercising mom could go walk or perhaps just read a book under a tree on the other side of the park for an hour. When I would go to the park, I noticed that a lot of mom’s just watch their kids play but were not necessarily using their free park-gym membership.

This Saturday (September 26) from 10 a.m to 11 a.m if you are a parent in desperate need of a break then please join us! Email me personally at or look for the 1st Single Mom’s Club of Arlington on The location of the park will only be given to participants who sign up at and provide an active email address for safety measures. Please wear a mask unless you are walking independently or perhaps sitting alone.

Lastly, sis this is NOT a drop off! We do NOT want to call the authorities because you have abandon your little Woozy-Woo with friendly folks you meet online. That story will not suffice to the Arlington Police Department or CPS.

So if your a stay at home mom that just needs to get out the house, or perhaps a grandmother who is okay with giving a single mom an hour break, or maybe a single dad that needs to get his workout on so he can get his kids a step mom for the holidays, come join The 1st Single Mom’s Club Of Arlington!

*The event will start and end promptly because the organizer and writer of this blog has a lot of A-personality character traits.

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