Someone, anyone, make it make sense!

How is it in the court of public opinion have we inappropriately condemned Brandt Jean, Judge Tammy Kemp, and the cop that was bold enough to touch what looked like  nasty and unhealthy looking hair without gloves or protective gear on Amber’s head?

How is that in less than 48 hours after her sentencing the very people who were in support of Bothom Jean’s family, proud there was a black female judge presiding, and overjoyed at the rainbow coalition selection of the jury (8 women/4 men all diverse backgrounds) are now the very people who are now attacking them? 

Brandt Jean (Bothom Jean’s 18-year-old brother) stated, “I love you as a person and I don’t wish anything bad on you.” He then wanted to show gratitude and give Amber a hug to show her that he had forgiven her in his heart. More so than his faith or religion, it’s his God given right to express himself in that way. He is free! He is not a slave! This family has lost a loved one and out of respect they have the right to heal and process this situation in a way that is honorable to the deceased and vital to their healing. 

With that being said, in accordance with his Christian faith forgiveness is not about the one who committed the offense, it’s about the offended. Many believe they must forgive in order to move forward and be forgiven for their wrongs.  Not to mention I don’t know of any religion that does NOT encourage forgiving others.  

Likewise, people have an issue with the fact that Judge Tammy Kemp gave Guyger a Bible, prayed with her, and also hugged her. Judge Kemp hugged everyone in that courtroom from the looks of it. I find it strange how some African Americans are “dragging” this woman all over social media with cruel memes and posts calling her a sellout and saying she is a “Stockholm Syndrome Negro”. 

We have to get out of that marginalized thinking that just because a person of color does something that you may not agree with that doesn’t automatically mean they are trying to put on airs for the appeasement of white people. Does it happen? Absolutely but I don’t think this one of those times.

I find it particularly hard to fathom that some African American males are even adding to this narrative in such a negative way. The fact remains that white women have historically accused innocent black men of rape, harassment, and other crimes I.e Emmitt Till, Rosewood, Central Park 5, for decades etc. Yet they still find it in their hearts to marry and procreate with white women. So why be upset with Brandt Jean for hugging Guyger?

Black men have a history of forgiving white women in particular when it’s befitting to their personal and sexual needs but when a black woman shows a white woman compassion with NOTHING to gain from it but peace in her heart from sharing her faith, she’s the sellout? 

After doing some research on Kemp along with what I had previously believed to be true about her personally, Judge Tammy Kemp is known for showing unbiased compassion for offenders. This is not the first time she has hugged a killer! This is just the first time WE, the public have seen such an uncanny display of  compassion by a judge but this was not something she did just because the cameras were rolling.

On a personal note, I do think that due to the heat of the crime she should have taken Guyger to her chambers and done this privately if she still found it in her heart to hug a murderer. However her moral compass is of exceptional degree and I have the utmost respect for Judge Tammy Kemp. I think this was genuine.

Nevertheless, I find it rather ironic that people are stating that had Guyger been a black man accused of killing a white woman he would be locked up for life. Well now let’s travel back down memory lane 25 years ago. Literally almost the same date that Amber Guyger a white female was found guilty of murder on October 3, 2019, O.J. Simpson a black man, was acquitted of not one but two murders of a white woman (ex wife) AND a white man (alleged lover) on October 2, 1995.

The same way some people felt in their heart of hearts that OJ committed this crime is the EXACT same way that some of us felt that Amber Guyger knew that was NOT her apartment when she put not one but two bullets into that innocent man’s body.

The question then becomes, “what gives?”

Glad you asked.

Sexism has a deeper history than racism itself. Many jurors felt that O.J was more than likely not a murderer simply because he was a male athlete and a celebrity.  Years later he taunted the public and the family of the deceased with a book entitled, If I Did It and then sickly detailed how he would have killed these two people had he been the “killer”. It was enough to make one regurgitate breakfast.

This is also the same feeling you have upon finding out that Guyger is a racist and her remarks about Martin Luther King Jr. and her fellow black cop coworkers were sickening. Her social media posts about how people should be “glad she hasn’t shot them” makes one feel sick to the stomach. Well Amber dear, you have now and your the one whose not real glad that you did it.  It’s as if she was waiting for the perfect black victim to off one day.

Amber got only ONE pass from me and that was going to the wrong door. But the moment she walked over the threshold of that door she was totally un-lawful, guilty, and became a murderer. I think she thought she was going to get away with it like so many of her white male peers who have taken the lives of black men before her. But as the saying goes, “Every dog has his day” or should we say her day? Wait, what do you call a female dog again? Never mind I digress.

I think she was waiting on the perfect opportunity to take a life period. I suspect she may have even desired Bothom Jean romantically which is the real reason she “accidently” went to his apartment and he rejected her. It is of public record that she was definitely in the mood for sex via her text messages to her MARRIED ex partner just moments before the shooting.  Amber had a knack for “OPP” from homes to husbands but that’s neither here nor there?

O.J and Amber, I mean Amber……was found guilty and with the exception of the Castle doctrine being allowed as a defense she had a fair trial. Most would like to see her complete that full 10 year sentence. I felt more years should have been given but it has been so ordered by the court of law. I do feel they will appeal her sentence.

Amber Guyger needs not to worry. Thankfully she will never be a cop again but she’ll probably get some book deal upon her release from prison. She can title her book If I Do It Again It’s Because I’m Still At The Wrong Apartment Again and have O.J do the forward.  Amber will probably get paid interviews, or perhaps even a free ride to Harding University like Brandt Jean and take a shot and starting a new career. She already has a bible from the judge to help set her on the right path. She’s an adulteress, a murderer, racist, hell she needed that bible don’t you think? A Quran, The Book of Morman, or something.  

At the end of it all I believe that forgiveness can be very essential for the soul but I don’t believe it’s necessary for justice nor does it have to be carried out so expeditiously. 

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