As I sit here finishing up the rest of my macchiato and watching the boys play inside this McDonald’s, I can’t help but take notice at how intense the other parents and I are watching our children play.

Gun control is not controlled at all.

All of our faces fervid and every five minutes someone keeps looking up at the emergency exits’ as if mapping out an emergency escape plan in the event of a sick or horrific attack like the one that took place yesterday in Midland/Odessa.

Gun control is not controlled.

I myself just so happen to be sitting right next to an exit door and my car literally parked just on the other side of the door. Granted none of this was a conscious choice and mere irony, but I must confess the moment I noticed that I had subconsciously made these arrangements it dawned on me that they now have to be intentional choices whenever we go out in public now.

Gun control is not controlled at all.

As a former West Texan, all I kept thinking was how absolutely terrified the entire cities of Midland and Odessa must have felt once they found out that there was an active shooter taking the lives of innocent people. As I meticulously bounce back and fourth to yesterdays’ tragedy and monitoring my kids at play, I take notice of the little Asian kid (probably age 2 or 3) that they are trying to show how to use the slide. My eyes fill with tears when it hits me that a 17 month old child was shot in the face by someone allowed to carry a gun and use it sickly and viciously how he saw fit.

*Damn…it was hard to even type that just now.

Gun control is not controlled at all.

I then turned up the volume (ear buds in) and finished listening to Jesus is Love by the Commodores.  I am trying my best not to question or fight myself to even ask the Universe why it happened. Just knowing the fact that this is the second major tragedy that West Texas has had within 60 days is draining my soul and a waste of my own energy. I am having to grasp the fact that things like this happen and sadly will continue as long as gun control is under controlled.

I can’t articulate how I feel. All I can say is that I called and reached out to my friends and loved ones in West Texas and though they are still taken aback by the aftermath of it all there are no words of comfort to bring back the lives loss.

So what do we learn? Gun control is not controlled at all. Tragedy can happen anywhere and no one is immune to it. Be humble and thank God you are still amongst the living. Breathe a little deeper, kiss your mate a little sweeter, hug your children a little tighter, because the moment you hear, “Shots fired” you know that someone is no longer among us.

Gun control is not controlled.

Peace and Blessing to all those affected on yesterday.



3 thoughts on “Shots Fired: All Eyes on West Texas

  1. very very nice read…i cant imagine the horror of not being able to watch your children enjoy life….i feel bad that parents have to scope out escape routes at mcdonalds….thats wild

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