Jussie Smollett aka Carolyn Bryant Donham, You’re Fired!!!


I’m sure most of us had to look up the name of the latter and now that you have please join me in thanking these two individuals for proving that people of all races, backgrounds, etc can be the face of vile, wicked, and devious acts. For the Bible informs us that there is nothing new under the sun but for some people there apparently is.

I did not believe this story when it first came out and I vocalized that via comment to the You-tube blogger who was covering the story. Upon hearing it, it was like a new movie that was popular but deep down there was something missing from it that prevented me from just rushing out and buying a ticket.  Something about it that was either missing or perhaps too much. My mind kept trying to find the right words and my finger couldn’t quite point it out. It was seasoned but had no flavor, it was oiled but still squeaky, it was a song but not a hit.

Then finally…..my uncertainty had been laid to rest. My disbelief had been vindicated. The lyrics finally caught up to the song. This sounded real Emmett Till-ish to me! Roles had simply been reversed! The problem is Emmett Till lost his life for the exact same bull you tried to pull. Carolyn Bryant Donham never served a day in jail and decades later said it never happened. This was all a hoax! Two stories so deeply embedded in the darkest of places.

Jussie is the reason why I am not pro-black or a hashtag Black Lives Matter tagging negro. I DO NOT, follow along or support something JUST because it’s black. That’s dangerous and let me tell you why. Call me “whatever” but some of us forget the biggest lesson we should have learned from slavery and it had nothing to do with white folk. Take a deeper look into that mirror right before the Middle Passage. Every slave movie I have ever seen from Roots to the Book of Negros show fellow blacks helping, assisting, and selling slaves!

As with this story, the people who were assisting him with this “lil white lie” were Nigerian. He just wanted a certain demographic of people “stirred up” against whites. For clarification purposes I am not a white apologist either. I could careless about any color. Right is right and wrong is wrong…period!

The ROOT of the first betrayal was by folk with the exact same pigmentation. Now does that mean that the evils further perpetuated by white slave holders is alleviated? Absolutely not! If anything one should step into the awakening that  color of evil has NO COLOR! It’s as deeply embedded in whites and blacks because COLOR has nothing to do with it!

It has been reported that Jussie’s motive was because he wanted more money than the 65k PER Empire episode he was getting. So what’s the ROOT of all evil? I’ll give you a clue! It’s not black or white it’s GREED. I meant green. The fact that he was able to garner some political support, support from fellow blacks, the LGBTQ community, and so forth was extra.

Mr. Smollett your mixed race-ness (half black/half white) is now a perfect example to the world that black and whites can, will, and have lied for attention to stir up racial outrage the same as Carolyn Byrant Donham.  You both sickly wanted attention and you got it. You and her are cut from the same cloth “brother”. I have never watched an episode of Empire (a little to N-word ish for me not to mention it’s on FOX) but from my understanding they have written you out the last two episodes. Simply put, “Your fired”  (in my Donald Trump from the Apprentice voice. By the way I never watched that either but it’s befitting considering you stated you “go so hard against 45” on the interview with Robbin Roberts-ABC).

I would personally like to thank the Chicago Police Department because of the measures they took to thoroughly investigate this crime. Let it be known that they were putting all of their time and energy on a hunt for red October when they thought this was a hate crime against an American citizen who was not only black but gay. They were seeking out justice on your behalf but I knew from jump that you told a “lil white lie” and weren’t being straight with us.

Time is up.