I don’t have a native tongue,  don’t know where I AM from

I was born here, they say go back there, so where is my home? So lost in Rome.

Black-Dumb-Girl your thinking to long!

To much to bare, Black-Dumb-Girl you’re from everywhere!

I like sweets, I’ve had so much to eat, southern sweet tea

Sweet is inside of me! Oh sweet lady, oh sweet baby

He said this sweet thing is good, He lives in my hood,

He say, she-say, it’s ALL good. He say don’t stop.

Black-Dumb-Girl He knows your sweet spot!


He says be easy, he says no worries, he scared ME to death,

Said meet Him at the cemetery! Concrete grave its so hard

What’s a black-dumb-girl to do? Kiss, kiss ugly-smart-woman,

Let him inside of you!

Kiss-kiss, keep it simple stupid, that is the order of the court!

Keep thinking Beautiful-Intelligent-Female,

Your thoughts I must ABORT!


I AM hurt!

I AM crazy!

I gave it all away!

My death tears fall like rain and it rains everyday…

Gave us the sun, gave her a son,

One in heaven I AM now born..

Oh boy! A Beautiful. Wonderful. Girl…


One in the same…

New testament rules…

Old testament game…


She said tell them WHOSE you are dumb-black-girl!

You can be whatever you want to be in this world!

Smart-boy-white knows how to get it right,

He can give or take like a thief in the night!

Well then, Mistress Teacher, yes I iz!

Gonna teach all the saints in America one ‘mo ‘gen

Don’t hurt my children, don’t touch da kids!

Dark days and city lights!

Only children…

Taught em’ how to fight…


This is MY country, their inheritance,  yes it is!

You don’t know where I’m from!

You don’t know where I’ve been!

We don’t play together, you NEVER wanted to be friends.

I AM the salt of the earth, I AM your mother!

I AM his wife, I AM his lover, Married and United!

NEVER love another!

I AM the great I AM.. America!




My salty kisses he loves, I AM liberty!

Free to pass for trade I AM the first lady!

How many times must we BI-pass rules?

I AM the face of America!

I can trans ALL you fools!

So who is his other lover? Who is her brother?

Pay back of the 1st girl you called black

Is a real Mutha!


#she thinks out loud

*The word dog is sometimes coded in the dyslexic mind as God spelled backwards and vice versa, therefore my doG has been loyal and faithful to me all my life but God is my master and owner. 

*Gender is irrelevant, and MY children on earth are blessed.

*the color black is produced by the mixture of all colors

*mutha is an African American colloquialism that means mother











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