After seeing a post from a friend that’s been like a big brother to me. I decided to give him a call after seeing he was in the ER with broken bones and still was hurting and in pain. 


Me: I’m trying my best not to panic. What happen Tommy-Baby (my nickname for him)?

Him: I’m fine Elle. I was changing the tire on my car last week and the tire fell on my foot. I’m just so use to dealing with pain I didn’t think I needed to go to the doctor but come to find out I have a few broken bones in my foot.

Me: How in the hell do you manage to go to work let alone walk with broken bones in your foot of all places!  Omg! You are such a MAN! If people only knew!

*both laughing and giggling


Funny thought.

If people only knew.

I have admired this man so much ever since we met in college. He is one of the most brilliant thinkers and compassionate souls walking around on earth.  Dare I add that these are just a few qualities that we as Christians love about Jesus. Jesus was a brilliant thinker and a compassionate man. Tommy-Baby has actually shared with me and taught me some very deep things about the Bible itself that have been hands down irrefutable.

Tommy-Baby has always impressed me because he is the epitome of a real man and an anomaly to most. Harder worker, chivalrous, always in great spirits, and knows how to treat a woman! Before his mother passed he moved mountains and stretched valleys just to take care of her. Likewise when his sister’s health started to decline he relocated, spent more of his time and money, and took care of her.

Upon hearing the he was now not well and that there wasn’t a soul by his side to nurse him back to health my heart hurt for him. When he uttered, “I am so use to dealing with pain Elle,” I knew at that moment that more so than the fractioned bones in his foot, he was talking about the pain inflicted on him and caused by others in his life.

My dearest friend Tommy-Baby is gay.

As a mother of two male children, I have often wondered what my sons will become when they are older. How successful will they be? Will they find true love? Will they bring me some beautiful grand babies?

When I sit back and watch Azariah and Caleb play and fight and fight and play, I don’t know if I am raising the next Barack Obama or Donald Trump or the next Charles Manson or Wayne Williams! I have no idea! All I know is that my ex-husband and I will try our best to train both of our boys up in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6).

In the event that one of my boys comes home from college for the holidays with his male lover, I don’t have to think about how I am going to react. I will see the child I love with someone he loves. I will see two human beings that need a good meal and shelter. I will see what God sees.

I will see two people that better cut my grass AND help put my fake lashes back on before they head back to school with my best Tupperware. I could careless who does what or what goes on behind closed doors betwixt them.

I will simply see what God sees….two children that both need to know what true love is and for that a hungry soul is welcomed into my house without condemnation from me. I don’t understand parents that have denied loved to their own flesh and blood because of their personal choices to affiliate themselves with the LGBTQ community. I truly don’t.

Gay is synonymous for the word happy and children are a gift from God (Psalm 127:3) . I would take that as a message from God himself telling me to not worry and to be happy! If there is a legitimate struggle or confusion to his sexuality then that is for God to convict him of and not the good “Christian folk” that attend the church. Priest and pastors included.

There is so much hypocrisy in the Christian church today that we have ran out all of God’s children because we only LOVE certain kids instead of all “the kids”.  Politically speaking there are still children being left behind. God said, love ALL MY CHILDREN but we still keep watching soap operas instead of dealing with the drama around us for the sake of the innocent ones in HIS eyes.

The first command of God was simply to love and the second was to love thy neighbor as they self. We have all fallen short of his glory yet we put such an emphases on the lifestyles choices of our fellow man.

We give more life to a situation by making it more problematic. If you know what I know about homosexuality you would know that the churches and pastors that speak the hardest AGAINST it are the ones that have the most suppressed thoughts and possibly passed relational experiences in it. A lot of self appointed and self righteous  pastors  preach from a standpoint of personal projection.

Nevertheless, if you are that “holy” by your own merit than why don’t you lobby to kill all the little boys ages 2 and under just like Herod “the great” in the Bible? Let’s be “pro-active” and kill off all the God-given happy genes in all the boys. Let’s kill two birds with one stone here.  Let’s turn to the Gospel of Matthew and abort all the innocent, infant boys. My only question is, what would Jesus do? A mere question we so often forget to ask because we still don’t want to love everyone so we cruelly justify a way not to do it.

Funny thought.

If people only knew.


*”the kids” is a slang term used by the LGBTQ community that means us (i.e the kids are the LGBTQ community as a whole)

*  No Child left Behind was an act with major Bipartisan support in 2001

* Wayne Williams an African American serial killer that killed dozens of black adult men and young boys in Atlanta in the 1980’s (life sentence)

*projection an expectation or prognosis

3 thoughts on “Abort All The Boys-Roe V. Wade

  1. Use of words is particularly skillful, the physical pain making the mental anguish is brilliant. While certain words are always a constant change of meaning, I suspect that may or may not be the case. While none us now what will happen regarding the future especially involving children, I’d like to imagine that a serious dose of self knowledge, who you, the language you speak and what is right and wrong would be at the front. The fact you worry bout it might be a great indicator that your child will be raised and not just loved which has been the case of the single black female parent rearing children, particularly black boys. Those boys have the ability to become Gods of the most High God and Insha Allah, those boys will one day be characters of righteousness, justice and freedom that will stand up like real men and for God’s divine purpose.


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