Dear Black Republicans and Black Democrats….

First and Foremost stop anyone from addressing you as I just did. Inform them that you are a person who just so happens to be black and or democrat or republican. Don’t ever let someone override the fact that you are a human being first. I’m personally not impressed with the parties you support nor the color of your skin.

Secondly, I do not like to personally platform myself as a representative or speaker on behalf of African Americans because I am not. I am simply a person of independent thought who just so happens to be black. For people of ignorance (regardless of color) stating that just now was important for you unless you know me personally.

A few years back in my 20’s (my real 20’s) I worked in an administrative position in the corporate sector for a company that just so happen to be black. I was very proud to work there and be a part of that legacy because I knew the history of the African American founders who built it from the ground up.

This was one of the biggest lessons I learned as a human being. Due to my whistleblower crusade of simply sharing truth about the corruption taking place.  I upset a lot of wealthy black democrats and some of them will spend the rest of their lives behind bars as of today. I was called an Uncle Tom, a sell-out, a snitch, and at worst upset because I wasn’t getting any of the “cut” and a host of other names meant to make me feel as the Benedict Arnold of the black race).

The congresswoman of the 18th Congressional district called me herself. (#facts). I didn’t care for her way of doing things and she was affiliated with these people but as with anyone in a leadership position, I respected her. Jilted by mere words of truth it was there, I realized how SOME people of color, in positions of power and money will play on your emotions for the purpose of controlling you. Sure you may think your making your own choice because by golly your choosing to be there but try to leave and see if you don’t become the number one enemy simply because you think differently.

Many moons ago I blogged about this BLACK corporation, operated by black people who had a plantation of employees captured in modern day slavery. There was not a single white person around. The wealthy “massa” on these grounds banking out this stolen generational wealth were BLACK. Compassionately, knowing what I knew about right and wrong I had to bypass all that “the man just trying to keep us down”  way of thinking.

I dissociated myself from “pro-black-ness” because righteousness had a better taste to it. When I support something and it’s a good thing that just so happens to be black (for instance black owned business) awesome! However I’m not impressed and you don’t get my vote for anything just because it’s black either.

I realized that aligning yourself with something JUST because it’s black and NOTHING else can be dangerous. This is why I never hash-tagged Black Lives Matter. The problem was a little glitch in wording. It should have stated Black Lives Matter Too. The addendum of the word Too was strongly needed. I know the story, pain, and purpose by which it was founded upon.

Yet, culturally speaking I know that there is a certain demographic of black people that will inject themselves into a movement and turn it totally radical due to a severe lack of understanding. For that same lack of understanding, you had non people of color who were offended by it. Why? To them, as non people of color and as ignorant as it may sound, they perceived that as being dismissive to other races and ethnic groups. I can understand that. I can see things from their perspective.

As a result, the rebuttal #All Lives Matter took form. Hence, satan strikes again and created division. Look my loves, (in my Monique voice) simply put, All lives do matter but it was never to suggest that other lives didn’t. I embraced Dr. King’s message of unity and I base my alignment with people off the content of their character. I suggest everyone else learns to do the same.

Moving RIGHT along…

It’s disappointing that people have issues with black conservatives. In 2018, when I hear people of any race calling black republicans everything but a child of the king it let’s me know we has a human race have not progressed much.

In addition to other awards, the award I received years ago during my internship in Arizona from the 22nd Governor of Arizona (R) is something I hold on to vastly.

However, call a spade a spade. It amazes me how people from the “bottoms” get to the “top” and have hence “arrived”. It tickles me to death. Not because of your affiliations but because so many grew up benefitting from liberal programs (food stamps, housing, etc.) and because the dollars in your bank accounts allots you the privilege to be in a different tax bracket you can’t eat watermelon or chicken anymore. You grew up benefitting from welfare (you know, after you ate the welfare food) and forget that there are others who were in the exact same predicament and neighborhoods your from.

My grandmother raised 3 children on her own and never took ANY type of handout or governmental assistance. She worked for everything she has attained. Yet some of us have hung around other (you know, people who BEEN having money, old money, not new money) trying your absolute best to create the element and sense of wanting people to think that your some type of anomaly to other black people. “I’m black but I’m not like the other “negros”.

All in all it’s very dangerous when you go to far trying to separate yourself from the culture. Why? Whenever you drift to far away from people, God can’t effectively use you anymore. The trick of the enemy is making you take those that look like you for granted.

Call a spade a spade.

So in closing….

For any black conservatives that have a problem with the fact that former President Obama and his wife were initially middle class, entered the white house, and left rich….my question to you is, What was wrong with that? Highlight the sin in someone acquiring wealth (you did too, right?). I don’t think he received anything more than his predecessors.

For all you black egalitarians that simply voted for him just because he was black then got upset when you didn’t get your 40 acres and a mule…..where in his campaign did he promise to do anything for a whole race of black people?

To vote a certain way simply because mama ‘nem did is the epitome of ignorance as of 2018- Mr. Black Democrat

To vote against and speak against someone because your trying to impress or mimic what you think are white behaviors, wait…I meant right behavior is twice as dumb because that indicates that you have a deeply imbedded slave mentality. Subconsciously you have bought the farm on thinking everything white is right and everything black is bad. -Mr. Black Republican

Let’s be clear you legally “have” and you did not WORK for is nothing more than welfare, and a handout by definition. If you have been on government assistance all your life, poverty is a sin.

In closing we need not think alike to love alike (John Wesley) but don’t tell people HOW to think. Tell folk how to love. For this is the message of the word. The renewing of a persons’ mind is God’s job, not the democrats or republicans!

Therefore leave YOUR thoughts and YOUR views out of folks minds. Stop mentally molesting people with YOUR views because you are grooming them to reject everyone else unless you are telling them both sides.

For even the canonical gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John contained different perspectives.  It’s commonly known that there are two sides to every story. Listening to one side is biased and EVEN that is okay and well respected as long as you keep that to yourself. In a court of law do they solely just listen to the prosecution?

Learn as much as you can about both parties be ye democrats or republican and make an intelligent decision on your own and once you do don’t try to influence people to align their views with yours. If a person is going to go to hell because he is a democrat or because he was republican I assure you God would not have left that out of the Bible.

Black Republicans and Black Democrats that are ill-informed about political issues yet present their views on a biased basis, and regurgitate idealisms as if they are innately and cognitively their own thoughts are nothing more than black trash. I know that may seem a bit harsh but that my dear friends is my own personal biased regarding BOTH parties unequivocally. I am certain that other non-black people watching from afar, feel the same way. Truth has no political party or color. THINK for yourself!


*Calling a spade a spade is an African American colloquialism that simply means tell something truthfully 

*nem’ is an African American colloquialism that means everyone

#she thinks out loud






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