These last two crackers…

Lunch on me! Ever wanted to say that to a big group of folk? Unfortunately, my bank account is not set up that way just yet but let me tell you about these last two crackers here in Midland.

Back during my stay at home mom days when we first arrived in Midland I frequented the library. I’ve always been a big lover of books and a firm believer in utilizing community resources. Likewise I was always at the library either taking my boys to story time or grabbing the latest James Patterson novel via play-a-way (who can read a whole James Patterson novel in real life?)

One particular afternoon I was distracted in a conversation with the librarian about the upcoming fall activities and my little kiddos had eaten what they wanted of their snack (crackers and apple juice) and made the executive decision to crunch, crumble, and confetti the rest of their crackers on each others heads!

As any good mother would do, I cut off my conversation immediately and started yelling at my kids.  I was so frustrated (mainly at myself) but even more so that they were playing in all things food. As I did my best to make into the entry way of the library there was a man holding the door ajar for the kids and I. I couldn’t help but to notice that he looked as if he was down on his luck. Everything he owned looked like it was in his back pack which was covered in dirt. His clothes were a mixture of oversized and undersized garments and he smelled as if he could use a shower.

I wasn’t the least bit offended or off put by his presence not only because of my background both professionally and personally but mainly because I know that anyone could be down on their luck for a number of reasons. He stood there patiently none the less with a smile on his face and holding the door for us. He even helped me get some of those crackers out of my kids stroller.

Just as I thanked him for holding the door and helping me I was about to throw the last two crackers away but he stopped me and kindly asked, “Ma’am, do you mind if I have those last two crackers?” As I extended my arm and handed those two crackers to him God humbled my heart in such a special way. Not to mention, I had to think of how humbling that was for someone to ask for two crackers that my germ filled hand kids had played with and possibly fell on the floor. He was hungry.

I was never able to get the image of that man out of my head. It took me back to an idea I once had when I lived on the southeast side of Houston. I was single with no kids then and God knows I had more free time to do it then then I do now, but now it’s different. Now it tugs at me a little more. It’s a little more personal.

I am currently divorced with two small kids and I can tell you that when I look back over the past year of my life….God was there for us. He came in many different forms and people. He was in the trees, the music, He was even in the sound of my car engine when I was anticipating it to breakdown but never did. I decided to be a vessel and “let the Lord” use me just like so many people have done for me and my children.

For less than 20 bucks I was able to buy a loaf of bread, lunchmeat, cheese, chips, drinks, sandwich bags, paper bags, and made about 10 sack lunches for the displaced people on the streets of Midland. My first stop of course was the library. I know 1st hand that many homeless people frequent the downtown library trying to escape the harsh elements from outside. They don’t bother anyone and are usually reading or looking for local resources to help them. Sure some of them are on drugs and all of them are not so nice and sweet but EVERYBODY gets hungry!

I couldn’t imagine (fluffy as I am) not having enough to eat or not know where my next meal is going to come from. The man that asked for those last 2 crackers that I was about to throw away help me realize that food was something that I had taken for granted. I do my best now to make sure my kids and I don’t waste for. More often than not I prepare all of our meals now and eating out or delivery is very scarce compared to what it use to be. Let’s stop ignoring the homeless people on the streets of West Texas. Feel free to contact me if you would like to help. PhotoGrid_1506259713295    Peace, Blessings, and eat wisely. #she thinks out loud