Is it bed time yet? How Tonja B. Sleep Consulting saved me and other insane moms!

I’m not going to lie to you. I was a TOTAL skeptic. However I was also just as desperate as I was skeptical so I figured given this lady a call couldn’t possibly hurt anymore than the agony I had endured for weeks on end with my two small children. After being a stay home mom that was trying to transition back into work I had a major issue with my kids, they wouldn’t go to sleep!

Okay so maybe that was a bit of a stretch but not by much. We have a 1 year old and a two year old (yeah not sure why we were in such a rush but don’t judge).  To be honest I prided myself on being the sleep “specialist” of my online mommy group via Facebook (La Mocha Mommy) and I gave out my personal tips on putting babies to sleep for the night. However my two cents just wasn’t hitting no ‘mo like Whitney albums in the 2000’s. You know it just wasn’t the same (rest in peace Whitney, with all due respect).

By this time my two year old was at the beginning stages of potty training and thought he needed to climb into bed with mommy and daddy for moral support instead of going to the bathroom. My one year old was still waking up a few times a night for a bottle and sneaky way to steal cuddle time with mommy.

While, both of these gestures were “thoughtful” to say the least it was absolutely  draining! Walking the two year old back down the hall from our bed to his, only to wake up in between the hours to fix the 1 year old a bottle who truly never even finished the bottles. He would barely take a few sips and go back to bed until the next time he wanted TLC.

Then came Tonja! She was a new addition to our group and was talking about this crazy idea of getting your child to sleep 12 hours a night. I was like psssssh, yeah right! Wait..really?

She ended up doing a free web stream in the group and gave a lot of great tips. Then I was like nah? This won’t work for me, my boys are rough around the edges. Then came the night when I got exactly 2 hours of sleep and had to be up by 5 am. I finally stopped treating Tonja’s sleeping consulting offer like that free 5 day gym membership flyer you get in the mail and gave her a call.

MY ENTIRE LIFE CHANGED! I could just kick myself for all the days that I overlooked it. Tonja B. Sleep consulting program was able to design a sleep program that worked well for my schedule and allowed me to get some much needed rest and relaxation.

Tonja got my 2 year old sleeping solely and soundly alone in his own bed EVERY NIGHT with no interruptions. He has done well with his potty training so he wakes up to tinkle and climbs right back into his own bed! Not to mention that my 1 year old was only “prompt dependent” (a term I learned from Tonja) and didn’t really needed a bottle at all! Yep, she got my baby off the bottle! (I wonder if she could help an uncle of my with that same problem.).


Nevertheless, this was a service well worth it! If you have ever consulted with a duala for birth or a breast feeding specialist to help with those small yet urgent kinky’s in the early stages of motherhood, I would definitely add a sleep consultant to the list because the benefits are something money just can’t buy so don’t sleep on the idea of getting a professional to help you get baby to sleep. It’s one of the BEST decisions I have ever made as a mother!

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Special offer: Contact Tonja B Sleep Consulting to ask about a free 15 minute offer and tell her I sent ya!

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