Wee Care-The Best Childcare Center in Midland!

Now I pity the fool that would like to bid against me on this one but Wee Care has got to be one of the most phenomenal child care facilities a parent can enroll their child! While I’ll spare you the details that makes me such an expert on a topic of this stature I am willing to bet you the student loan money I don’t have that you can’t think of another daycare within a 5,000 mile radius that could come close to the quality care that Ms. Helen (owner) has come rooted within the walls of Wee Care!

I get so excited every morning confidently knowing that my child is not only safe but and eating a well balanced meal but he is also learning everything from an educational curriculum to basic manners and good old fashion home training. When we first moved out to West, Texas we had come to the conclusion pretty early on that I would stay at home but nevertheless it didn’t stop me from exploring daycare centers to have an idea of where I would send my children whenever I chose to go back to work.

It never failed, everywhere I would go and everyone I would ask would always give me the same script, “The best childcare center in Midland is Wee Care!” Now granted we shouldn’t always exclusively look for external answers from God as the only means of directions, however I knew without a doubt that whenever I started working hard for the money again my baby was going to Wee Care!

I began to hear so many rave reviews about how awesome and well trained her staff was via word of mouth, how  other local daycares have tried to “marginalize” their operations like Ms. Helen, and state of the art clean and organized this place was. It was safe to say that anybody whose anybody ’round these parts will only send their kid to the best and hands down it’s Wee Care!

When I first met the owner it was an instantaneous feeling of confirmation of all the things that everyone said about this place. Her spirit was so genuine, sincere, and honest. My grandmother use to always tell me that you could tell a lot about a person by how they greet you and say hello. I could tell that in addition to her soft presence I could tell she was a no non-sense kinda gal but she executes that quality with a lot of class and tack; a real classy lady. (Something I need to work on. Don’t get me wrong I’m all woman but I ain’t lady all the time but that’s another blog.) To say the least she is nothing short of professional, yet she is very down to earth and relatable.

I could go on and on about Wee-Care so please pardon me if this sounds like a brag because that’s exactly what it is. Within less than 2-weeks of being there my 2 year old was potty trained, saying his grace before he ate his food, and he has homework once a week! His teachers are the absolute BEST! Both of them are very intelligent and highly trained childcare professionals. You should see the way these two ladies work with these kids, it’s simply amazing to watch how skilled they are.

A tear comes to my eye when I think of how blessed I am to know that my child is truly in the hands of honorable teachers and support staff. I know without asking that they all are a mirror image of the owner’s training and teaching to them.

I wish I was a rich woman because I would surely pass a chunk of my wealth to all the women there working with those kids because they are absolutely wonderful. Wait, on second thought I’d have to pay off those student loans first THEN pass a chunk (you know Uncle Sam will be own me like white on rice of my tax bracket ever gets increased). Nevertheless, Wee Care is highly recommended. What makes me an expert you ask? I’m a mother, and mother knows best. Send your child to Wee-Care!

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