I drank about 78 ounces of lemon infused water today and I have been back and forth to the bathroom tickling all day. Anyway, that has nothing to do with the issue I want to talk about I just wanted to share that. So this whole topic of the “trans-gender” bathroom is a bit awkward for me and for a few reasons of my own personal biased.

Issue number 1. Where did this come from and when did this become a hot topic? This time last year we were not discussing such an issue and now, there is an additional bathroom everywhere in addition to the 5 billion we already have. The men’s, the women’s, the single family restroom, the multi-family restroom, the women’s room for nursing infants, and now the transgendered restroom? Do I have a problem with transgendered persons? Absolutely not! What I can’t understand is why a transgendered person would want to enter a restroom that labels and classifies them as soon as they enter it?

Let me explain.

If I were transitioning, let’s say from female to male. If my ultimate goal is to be viewed, accepted, and respected as a male, I would want to enter a restroom with whom I identify as. If I were (and again this is just my thinking) walking into a restroom that notified everyone of my “business” I feel like I have put myself in a position to be judged and a target for hateful and ignorant folk.

Now the simple answer maybe the fact that because I am “transitioning” and perhaps have some things going on down south that have not quite developed yet I feel un-easy and therefore need a more comfortable setting.

Well granted, I get that but if we had bathrooms designed for the soul purpose of comfort due to a  physical body in “transition” then there should be restrooms for menstruating women, menopausal women, post partum, etc. There should also be a male restroom for men post prostate surgery or what about people wo have to empty out their catheter and ostomy bags?  What about adults with special needs who have to be changed by caretakers? That Kola diaper changing station in those bathrooms are for babies and not adult bodies. Do you think those people feel “comfortable” doing those things in a public restroom? Absolutely not!

My point is we all have to keep it moving.

Now I’m all in support of equality for the LGBT community because equal rights should be a given privilege of us all but the bathroom thing confuses me. Not to mention, transgender people didn’t just pop up this year. There have always been men and women who have identified differently then their natural born sex. Newsflash though, guess what bathroom they BEEN using ‘fo now? That’s right whatever sex they identify with! Men transitioning to become women BEEN using the women’s restroom and nobody said anything because nobody knew. Women transitioning to male BEEN using the men’s bathroom (wait…. I think? Not sure how that one goes but you get my point).

I’m a natural born heterosexual female (in the next 5 years single women gone start saying that when they start dating watch) and you no what I have used the male restroom numerous of times. Go on that long road trip and pull over in that little country town if you want to with one toilet for men and one for women… watch how many women duck off in that men’s bathroom push come to shove.

Now the men probably wouldn’t take such a gamble because they can just go pee on the side of the road. It really doesn’t matter. Plus an extra bathroom would just confuse me because there have been brief moments (long road trips) when I was like, “dang I wish I was a man so I could just whip it out and pee on the side of the road”.  Does that make me trans-gender? Just joking but seriously is that how it starts cause I’ve had that thought before when I go on long road trips and have to use it? I think I’m good though. Email me somebody.

All and all….

I just feel like a separate bathroom does just that, it keeps us separate. Go to the restroom with whom you are transitioning into and identify with. You want to be a lady? Be a lady with the ladies! You know how we do, girl come to the bathroom with me. You want to be a fella then go pose over that urinal girl, wait sir, ma’am, mister..wait what do I say though? Anyway, just go pee!

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2 thoughts on “Just Go Pee!

  1. Ok here it is.. I’m going to be raw with my answers so if u get offended easily please do not read. I love my President dont get me wrong but I feel like since whites, blacks, mexicans, gays, transgender, etc elected him Im assuming that he feels like everyone should be equal. But how in the hell does a bathroom makes u equal to heterosexual individuals. I myself have no issues with the LGBT community. I do feel like the LGBT individuals love attention just like any other groups. So here is my point the rest room is only a voice to them & by getting laws passed for a darn restroom something that is so senseless and little is very big in their world. The restroom is a little symbol of power and if they can push to having their own restroom what else can they have to themselves. Just think about it for a minute, first Obama legalized gay marriages now a Public restroom so whats next for them to feel accepted. I agree with this blog 100% why would you want to be identified as transgender if your transitioning into male or female. Okay let me know when yall figure that transgender thing out. I’m assuming that the new thing is Transgender,in which they just want to feel accepted in this heterosexual world. Dont waste taxpayers money on an extra restroom!

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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback and I totally see your point of view and respect it. At the end of the day the ultimate thing with this issue is how it’s making others feel (I.e you and I ) seeing a transgender person in the restroom. Evitably it’s almost the same concept for when American society became integrated. Many had supported Jim Crow laws, segregation, etc but eventually.. They had to allow it, get over it, and get use to it.

      For me, being a new mother still these are things I’m forcing myself to accept and embrace somewhat by default because my husband and I have to teach our kids about something that wasn’t even an issue when we were growing up. They will have transgender teachers, fellow classmates going through identity crisis, and social bullying. I will be 33 this month (don’t tell nobody) but these are things I didnt have to deal with and now I’ll be forced to because it’s a totally different world out here.


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