Yassssss! After two years of being a stay-at-home mom I have rejoined the work force! Well, somewhat. I only work part-time because I am not fully ready to leave my babies just yet. My boys are still so little (two years old and soon to be one year old) and I can’t be without them that many hours a day just yet. I have truly enjoyed being a mother. It has been my most rewarding role in the play of life thus far. I LOVE making their snacks, going for walks, playing, and making crafts for them. So trust me, working part-time is ideal for me and I am thankful to my husband very much for supporting my choice either way. More importantly I am thankful to God for us being in the position to have that option.

This was my first week back on somebody’s payroll and it was hard that first day leaving my kids with the sitter. I wasn’t worried about my two year as much because he is very friendly, loving, and welcoming. Not to mention he is at a great age to start being around other children now. We may place him in a two-day a week summer program for social growth. But my second child? Well, he’s more of my husband’s kid then mine. My 11 month old is not one easily won over honey. You have to tap dance for his affections and even then he may not be all that impressed. He barely likes me and his father and we are his parents.

I teared up as I got ready to leave for my first day of work last Monday. I left 12 billion notes, post-its, and signs all over the house for the sitter and I am most certain she thought I was crazy and a control freak but I can live with that. Even though I was gone less than 6 hours it was hard leaving. I think I called twice, not to mention asking my husband a thousand times if he remembered to tell her “this and that” as if my notes of “this and that” weren’t already enough when he left out for work.

I’m sure one maybe curious to know what work field does a woman who seems like she can’t be without her kids for more then five minutes return to? Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess… I work with children! I am a Community Living Support case manager (and soon to be QMHP-c, qualified mental health professional-children) and I work with children and adolescents of a special and at risk population.

I feel so blessed to have a job that is just as dually rewarding as my home life. I get to set my own schedule which means I still get to do all the fun things I enjoy with my kids! Yep, I literally arrive and leave my office when I want to and when I am not there it’s because I am taking one of my clients out somewhere fun (unless they have an appointment with the doctor). Now how awesome is that?

Transitioning back to work (be it full or part time) is never easy after you have been glued to your children since they have been born. Motherhood ignites so many different feelings and emotions within a woman that were never there prior to her being a mom and its amazing! Just think about the love we have for our own mothers. How at the lowest and scariest moments of your life wither she was living or not you called on her like you called on the Lord himself and you could simply feel her scooping you up and holding you in her arms.

Now close your eyes and imagine being one. Imagine someone’s connection for you be that strong. Pretty scary huh? But it’s so beautiful at the same time. Can you feel that love?  That need to forever love and protect them from everything never goes away from the moment that baby is placed in your arms. You think about them all day, all night, when your home with them, or away from them at work. When I leave my house I have to tell myself, “God is their ultimate protector, He is watching the kids today. You are the bomb-mom, now WORK IT!” Then I twist my little fluffy self right on out the door.

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